Willis J. Rhodes, HM3 and my brother, Keith E. Rhodes, GM1, we were stationed together from 1952 till 1954, he was transfered , at his request, to an AKA, I think it was the USS Skaggs or Skagit AKA-LKA 105 neither he nor I can remember what the name of it was, this picture was taken in 1953, I was 21, my brother was 31, hope you can get this picture included. I'm now 71 when I turn 72 November 18th, the following January 6th my brother will turn 82. My brother and I live hardly 20 minutes apart from each other, I live in O'Fallon, Mo., and he lives in St. Charles, Mo. just off Missouri Interstate 70. We've made it this far along together, I guess we'll make it a little farther along, hopefully. Thanks, Willis J. Rhodes


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